MetalTrade International
Port Metaltrade-Siret Galati

It is located at the mouth of the Siret River to Danube River, on the left bank and specialised in handling and storage of bulk materials, aggregates and ballast.
Our group of companies has built one port's berth of 70 m length for operating barges and has the following facilities:
  • floating crane specialist for bulk goods (aggregates and ballast career);
  • outdoor storage of about 2 hectares;
  • Storage - 1000 m2.
Also, both our group and for any potential partner, we can provide the following services:
  • loading, unloading, handling quarry products: stone aggregates and ballast;
  • bulk cargo storage in free space;
  • general merchandise in warehouse storage pool;
  • concrete production;
  • forwarding and transport bulk goods at destination (ballast and aggregates, concrete).