Wood Harvest

Wood is a natural material used in ancient times in the construction of all types: buildings, engineering works, shipbuilding, etc.
Wood is made up of substances of organic nature (about 99%), fibrous texture is composed mainly of:
  • Cellulose
  • Lignin.
Cellulose shows an ordered structure and the links that are established between molecules elongated formations arise "fibers" that is the main constituent of wood cells.

The aging pulp lignin forms - amorphous structure and considerable mechanical strength.

Depending on the tree vegetation periods can be distinguished:
  • deciduous wood - hardwood - from deciduous trees, with large differences in vegetation summer and winter;
  • coniferous - softwood - from trees with permanent vegetation (leaves and needles).
Our group of companies is operating forest areas of softwood (pine) and hardwood (beech) in Dambovita county.