Metaltrade International

Laminated Timber appeared with understanding the behavior of the wooden structure, with the idea to provide stability in time.
Laminated Timber is made of two - three layers of wood glued moisture resistant adhesive, blank called "light".
Layers of wood "works" independent of each other, so it cancels internal tensions within the prism.

1. Inside doors:

  • Stratified profile are constructed of oak / spruce, with 45x120 mm section;
  • The sealing gasket is made by highly resistant to wear and aging;
  • The connection between beams and uprights is made by plug and hollow, which gives a maximum resistance of the door;
  • The frame is 45x86 mm section or 45x120 mm;
  • Hardware: AGB - Italy;
  • Finish: Water-based impregnation, different colors, which ensures maximum protection against moisture, brand SAYERLACK - Italy.


2. Outside doors and windows double and single or coupled, the arch with two or more sashes with glazing or decorative glass:

  • Wood prisma are made of 3 layers disposed fiber against fiber (radial / tangential / radial) with 68x86 mm section or 68x110 mm;
  • Sealing is by EPDM / TPE manufactured by Olimpia;
  • Tearing electrostatic painted aluminum frame bottom protection and water management to the outside;
  • Hardware: AGB - Italy;
  • Protection against water, UV and freeze-thaw phenomenon by treating impregnated wood with water-based paints (SAYERLACK, Adler), specially designed for use outdoors;
  • Lakes hygroscopic elastic structure (transparent pigmented RAL) that allows the wood to breathe, significantly increasing its lifespan.