Port Bazinul Nou S.A.

The total area of ​​the "Port Bazinul Nou" is 33 hectares, of which 7.4 hectares are located in the Free Zone - Galati. 
Logistic point Pentamodal / Access:
  • Maritime: max.15.000 dwt vessels with a max.draft of 7.3 m (24 feet);
  • River: European inland waterway corridor TEN-T "Rhine-Main-Danube";
  • Railway: standard gauge (European);
  • Railway: wide gauge (type C.I.S.);
  • Road: facilities for both general cargo and oversized goods.
Technical equipment: 
  • Floating cranes: max.64 tons in tandem; 
  • Quay cranes: 10 tons and max. 32 tons (cranes bridge - transcontainers); 
  • Mobile cranes: max. 50 tons; 
  • Forklift: max.25 tons;
  • Front-Loaders: max. 3.5 tons.